Our Purpose

"We're both lost, but as long as we're here together we can pretend we're not. It's a guided misadventure."

 -Rj Ontiveros

To Provide

To provide a place, both physical and existential, of knowledge, security and connection for any child or young adult who seeks it. 

To make available to them any tools necessary to learning invaluable skills and processes with which they can help themselves and others to thrive.

To Help

To use our resources and time to work toward helping the individual, and by extension, humanity as a whole. And lastly, to help them realize their full potential as a synergistic piece of the universe and contribute to the world they live in.

"I believe, if we have the ability to help someone in any way small or large, then it is our responsibility to do so." 

-Rj Ontiveros

To Create

To create for them an environment of growth and understanding wherein the connection between mind and body, as well as with the world that surrounds them, can be explored, encouraged and allowed to prosper.