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Art for the barc

Fundraising will support improved accessibility for elderly and disabled people at the park.

Before rocker Ian Moore took to the stage last week to kick off this year’s Summer Concerts in the Park series, islanders caught a glimpse of the effort underway to jump-start the next evolution of the Burton Adventure Recreation Park (BARC).

Vashon nonprofit Rj’s Kids held a raffle for four imaginative skateboard decks — the face of the board where the rider stands — custom-made by renowned island artists Brian and Tara Brenno, David Erue and Pam Ingalls using different mediums, including glass and metal.

For his interpretation, Brian Brenno used copper and sheet metal to create the likeness of a swift-moving fish, complete with fins. His wife Tara created a glass blown skate deck with a flower kiln-fired onto it. David Erue created “License To Play,” a longboard made out of old license plates, and Pam Ingalls painted a quiet image of a skateboard at rest on her deck. The skateboards were on display in the Ruby Brink throughout the month of July.

The winners, announced at the concert, were Alix Maurer, Lisa Bruce, Kim Hamby and Lin Holly.

The raffle raised $1,520. Those funds will support improved accessibility for elderly and disabled people at the skatepark.

Judith Neary of Rj’s Kids said that the support is meant to push the project beyond the scope of the $150,000 Youth Athletic Facilities grant awarded to the organization last year for construction of an outdoor concrete pump track at BARC, the first of its kind in the state, helping to realize what the park can become. She had applied for a $250,000 Youth and Amateur Sports Grant from King County Parks earlier this year to see the ultimate vision of BARC fulfilled, but it was not awarded to the nonprofit.

Neary said she intends to reapply in January when applications open.

Construction of the pump track at BARC will likely start in October, said Neary. Grindline Skateparks is finalizing its concept for the design, she added, and once that process is completed, Rj’s Kids will hold several public meetings for comments from islanders.

Neary added that she is ready for what’s next.

“I was really inspired and re-motivated to keep going when the artists said, ‘Sure, we’ll help out.’ They didn’t even think twice,” she said. “That always amazes me, that small, little community connection. … That’s what keeps me going on this project. Because it is a daunting project.”



From the Recreation and Conservation Office:

“The budget was approved and your category (YAF-Small) was fully funded which means all of the projects on the ranked list (including yours) will receive full funding.”

We have met our grant match requirements for Phase 2 of the BARC project. 

We are now working on fund raising for Phase 3 which will complete the project.

Thank you Vashon!

Our Current project


Vashon BARC Project

Want to join us in making a difference? We're raising money to support the Pump Track project at the Burton Adventure Recreation Center (BARC) and any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to our island community. 

In 2017 Rjs Kids was requested by young adults living in the community to assist in fundraising for the building of additional outdoor facilities at the BARC. The VPD did not have immediate plans for improvements. As a non-profit committed to supporting the underserved residents of Vashon, Rjs Kids recognized the opportunity to help and agreed to apply for grants and administer the project to completion. As part of the grant process, community engagement is required to identify the need.

In December 2018 and January 2019, Rjs Kids, in partnership with VPD, held a series of Public Comment meetings to review the proposed improvements to the park and identify additional features to be incorporated. The consistent request and the common thread to all meetings and discussions were that there is no facility that is accessible to all ages and all abilities that provides a diversity of recreational opportunities in a community supported environment.

The $150,000.00 grant for the BARC Pump Track (Phase 2) was awarded to Rjs Kids in August 2018. The BARC Pump Track Project is on a ranked list of projects for 2019 through the legislatively-funded Youth Athletic Facilities grant program. This is a grant match program requiring $75,000.00 of cash or in-kind donations. At the time of launching this GoFundMe campaign for the Pump Track project (phase 2), there had been $13,080 raised.

Rjs Kids submitted a second grant application for $250,000.00 to King County Parks in April 2019 for funding of Phase 3. The grant requires a contingency cash fund of $35,000.00 based on the construction costs.

If you are interested in volunteering labor or donating materials, machines or tools towards the project, please send an email to and a fundraising team member will follow up with you shortly. All donations like labor help contribute towards the overall grant match goal. 

List of features 1: ADA Path 2: Seating and Resting area 3: Exercise Stations 4: Parkour area 5: Skate Features 6: Climbing Wall 7: Native Plantings and Bio-Retention 8: Skateable Art 9: Existing Skate Bowl 10: Proposed Pump Track 

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"I believe, if we have the ability to help someone in any way small or large, then it is our responsibility to do so." 

-Rj Ontiveros

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