about rj

About RJ

“We are both lost. But as long as we are here together we can pretend we’re not. 

It is a guided misadventure.” 

Rj Ontiveros

Ramon Valles Ontiveros was born in San Diego California on February 22, 1989.  He passed on October 24th, 2014 here on Vashon Island. 

His life was filled with many adventures. He was our go-kid from the start. As soon as he could sit up he was in a backpack riding with us on our horses. From the age of two to five we lived on a ranch in the Sespe Wilderness. His life was filled with adventures; down the Sespe on horseback, across the Piedra Blanca and into the Los Padres Nation Forest. He would lie in the grass watching bugs for hours, float on his alligator in the swimming hole, fish for bluegill with his dad and watch meteor showers in the night sky. His indoors was the outdoors.

We moved to Vashon in the summer of 1997 and Rj started third grade that fall. He did the usual stuff all islands kids do. He struggled in that he did not like the competitive aspect of sports but enjoyed the company of the team. He found a passion for activities that relied on focus and disciplined skills; archery, riding, target shooting, martial arts, snowboarding and skate boarding. His natural artistic skills included painting, drawing and pottery. His interests included music, mysticism and mythology.

Rj grew up in a house of mixed traditions and beliefs; a little bit of everything from Episcopal and Catholic, Native American, Spiritualist and Eastern Traditions – all mixed in with a little Dragon Ball Z. His grandmother, Nancy Neary, was a profound influence on him guiding him through his questions as to the nature of spirit and the universe. He in turn helped her with her Red Hat projects – never complaining and always volunteering. After graduating high school he followed in his father’s footsteps and went to Cortiva Institute. As a massage therapist he found his passion – “This is what I want to do…healing work for others.” He did not like the massage mills. He wanted “to help the person with what they needed not what they paid for…” He never judged anyone and always looked past their issues to find the heart in them, giving of himself to young and old. He found satisfaction in working on the Island helping others including his “kids” – his Millennial Tribe. 

He continues his work in helping others – he is just on the other side. 

Ramon Valles Ontiveros

Ramon Valles Ontiveros

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"I believe, if we have the ability to help someone in any way small or large, then it is our responsibility to do so." 

-Rj Ontiveros

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